Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate(PF)


• Emollient


• 1kg-5kg-10kg-20kg


• Korea


–  Sake extract contains many antioxidants, vitamins (A, E, ..), minerals, amino acids, ..

– Vitamins (A, E, ..) and antioxidants:  Strengthens and improves the skin barrier protects the skin, fights against oxidative processes and free radicals thereby restricting the process skin aging.

– Amino Acids:  These are skin-rejuvenating substances that fill in the gaps of the stratum corneum on the skin. They form layers on the surface that make the skin smooth and back to wrinkles. In addition, they restore, protect and strengthen the skin’s barrier function.

– Minerals: Moisturizing, softening skin.

– Research results show that, after 2 weeks of using sake yeast extract the amount of dead skin cells reduced significantly. Promotes younger, healthier skin.

– Sake yeast extract has the effect of inhibiting Melanin (Skin pigmentation that causes melasma, freckles, …) helping to make the skin whiter, more even.

– The ability to moisturize, resist UV and harmful substances from the environment. Also brightens the skin.

– Strengthens skin’s ability to hydrate helps skin smooth, youthful, not dry, cracked.

– Increase collagen help increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles

– Skin rejuvenation, healthy skin, tight pores

– Moisturizes skin, makes skin soft and smooth

* APPLICATION:  Serum, lotion, lotion, mask, ….

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