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Aug 24, 2023



Today, to improve appearance, women can apply quick, effective beauty methods and deep intervention from treatments at Spas. However, without appropriate care before and after intensive treatment at the Spa, you may experience counterproductive beauty effects. Therefore, to have the skin that many people dream of after cosmetic skin care at the spa, the skin care regimen afterward is the top concern of women.How to care for skin after cosmetic treatment to achieve high results?

Surely that is also the question of many people. Understanding that, let’s join 3H Cosmetic now to learn about post-cosmetic skin problems and the skin care regimen afterward to bring the best results!First, let’s learn with 3H Cosmetic about the problems that skin encounters after cosmetic treatment!
During cosmetic treatment, the temperature of laser radiation on the skin is 43-440C, leading to blistering, burning, and affecting the epidermis on the skin.
In addition, when performing cosmetic treatments, the heating and photochemical effects will destroy the structure of Linoleic acid and natural sebum cell components, reducing the skin’s anti-inflammatory ability, leading to skin blemishes. infection.
In addition, cosmetic treatment also reduces the ability to synthesize Ceramide in the skin, reducing the skin’s protective and moisturizing functions, making your skin easily dry, dull and melasma.

In short:

  1. During the first week, protective action, reducing inflammation, inflammation and irritation of the skin is very important. During this week, we need to pay attention to two activities: protecting against inflammation and reducing the harmful effects of photochemical effects. These two activities need to be properly combined with high intensity to achieve the highest recovery effect. This step is extremely important in determining the final effectiveness of the cosmetic intervention solution. Imagine this is your skin’s weakest moment. Therefore, to proactively minimize the dangers that will arise when having an in-depth cosmetic assessment, you should invest in pre- and post-treatment care for at least a week. Make sure you have healthy skin before your “makeover”.
  2. From the 2nd week to the first month: Skin protection against the photochemical effects of radiation rays is very important. The skin may stop showing signs of disease or irritation, but that doesn’t mean the skin recovers. The skin is extremely sensitive to the photochemical effects caused by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, protecting your skin from dark spots and melasma after treatment is the next important step to consider.
  3. Next month: This is a golden time to recover and regenerate. The skin has overcome the states of swelling, inflammation and sensitivity, gradually returning to a balanced state. At this time, regeneration activities take place strongly to replenish the missing structure that has been lost. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on helping the skin rebuild its complete protective structure and bring the highest efficiency for cosmetic intervention methods.

Corresponding to the above 3 stages, 3H Cosmetic offers appropriate protection solutions for strategic materials:

  1. At the beginning of the first week to address health inflammation, 3H Cosmetic will introduce Phytosphingosine activators and use Phytosphingosine SLC to protect the skin against the photochemical effects of high radiation (laser rays). The result of combining these two active ingredients before, during and after treatment will give you absolute protection against the powerful effects of high-energy, short-wave rays.
  • Phytosphingosine has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, and provides natural sphingoids to help cut off inflammatory reactions immediately. From there, Phytosphingosine helps improve skin problems and effectively reduce inflammation..
  • Phytosphingosine SLC helps protect the skin against the photochemical effects of high radiation rays such as lasers and ultraviolet rays. In addition, Phytosphingosine SLC has the effect of soothing inflamed skin while improving the skin’s barrier function, providing immediate results when used at low concentrations.
  1. From the second week to the end of the first month, to overcome dark skin and melasma, 3H Cosmetic recommends that you continue to use Phytosphingosine SLC. Phytosphingosine SLC not only has a protective effect on the upper epidermis, but Phytosphingosine SLC itself, with its small molecular size and effective delivery method, penetrates deep into the middle layer and upper surface of the dermis, helping to protect the skin. Maximum protection of DNA structure and balance of skin’s dark biosynthesis mechanism. Completely eliminates the risk of melasma caused by photochemical effects or macromolecular free radicals.
  2. At stage 3, also known as the regeneration stage (from the 2nd month onwards), at this time we need to supplement Ceramide to help restore the skin and prevent aging effectively.
  • SK-INFLUX® V MB: Helps directly supplement Ceramide that the skin lacks, preventing and restoring skin damage.
  • Rovisome® Sensitive NG: Intensive treatment, skin recovery after prolonged stimulation. Thanks to ROVISOME technology, it helps to receive and use highly effectively the effects of DPG and protective active ingredients.

If you have a headache remembering when to use Phytosphingosine, Phytosphingosine SLC or when to use SK-INFLUX® V MB, Rovisome® Sensitive NG to achieve the best results. Or feel too pressured to use too many ingredients to achieve optimal results for your product

Right now, 3H Cosmetic will tell you a simpler solution, instead of using 4 active ingredients (Phytosphingosine, Phytosphingosine SLC, SK-INFLUX® V MB, Rovisome® Sensitive NG), you only need to use 2 active ingredients ( Sphinox® Defenda and Phytosphingosine), whose effectiveness remains unchanged. The golden active ingredient called “Sphinox® Defenda” brings many effects when used, and can replace Phytosphingosine SLC, SK-INFLUX® V MB, Rovisome® Sensitive NG.

SPHINOX® Defenda: Brings the most comprehensive and drastic protection effect. Intensive protection does not only take place in the epidermis. The dermis below is also nourished and affected. SPHINOX® Defenda maintains the following effects:

  1. Protects DNA structure from the effects of photochemical agents, making the synthesis of Ceramide and keratin completely unaffected. In particular, the skin’s anti-inflammatory cycle is completely undisturbed and unaffected, and harmful effects due to excessive skin irritation will be completely controlled and limited. In other words, with SPHINOX® Defenda, your skin is a strong warrior against many infections. Cheer!!! Congratulations on your super healthy skin.
  2. Increases cell self-responsiveness by stimulating the biological product Ceramide, strengthening the protective barrier and maintaining the balance of the sebum layer, NMF. Have you watched “Iron Man”? There’s nothing better than the skin’s ability to repair and restore itself, right?
  3. Enhance intracellular information exchange: all destroyed elements (Keratin, Ceramide, supporting muscle fibers, biochemical enzymes) are quickly replenished to maintain normal skin activity. Too great is not it. K is just equipping the wave with the ability to fight and recover on its own against “aggressive” invaders; SPHINOX® Defenda will hunt down the remaining “insiders” in your skin to eradicate them. From there, the fastest wave returns to equilibrium.
  4. Increases moisture for skin bathing, helps skin become whiter, firmer, refreshed and more vitalized. Finally, there is the nurturing factor to maintain the effectiveness of the beauty treatment that you have spent a lot of “sweat and tears” to perform.

It is recommended to use SPHINOX® Defenda both before and after treatment to achieve the highest protective effect. Before treatment, it was very easy to understand and clear. But after treatment, the role of SPHINOX® Defenda cannot be ignored. Because after ray therapy at the spa, photochemical reactions still continue and are maintained under the epidermis. In particular, the photochemical reaction will last longer if the skin is exposed to short wavelength rays such as UV or blue light. So SPHINOX® Defenda will help improve the skin’s self-protection and recovery mechanism after treatment.

  • Yeah!!! Congratulations, we have found a skinless diamond for self care and beauty.

Thus, if you replace the 3 active ingredients (Phytosphingosine SLC, SK-INFLUX® V MB, Rovisome® Sensitive NG) with SPHINOX® Defenda, the skin care process will be very simple as follows:

First week

Sencond week to the end of the first month From the 2nd month onwards
SPHINOX® Defenda



SPHINOX® Defenda



SPHINOX® Defenda


Put your trust in 3H Cosmetic, 3H Cosmetic will dispel all worries and bring satisfaction to customers!!!

2.Pink lotus glass mask

What is a glass mask?

Glass masks are one of the most popular mask products in the beauty world today. The jelly mask contains nutrients that are sucked into a transparent jelly mask, so it seems heavier than a paper mask, giving a cool feeling when applied to the skin and  creating the feeling of the essence penetrating through each pore. .

The glass mask makes the skin visibly plump from the first application, the jelly mask contains natural extracts that help hydrate, decompose and slow down signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and sluggish skin. ,…

Glass masks are perfect skin care that both moisturize and add nutrition to the skin.

What are the uses of the pink lotus glass mask?

In the cosmetics race, there are countless types of masks. However, glass mask is a new name but cannot be ignored by stylish girls thanks to its outstanding uses:

– The glossy glass mask does not absorb water back into the skin, but helps tiny nano-nutrient molecules penetrate deep into each pore, filling cell gaps.

– The formula of pink lotus glass mask helps hydrate the skin when dehydrated, soothes the skin when damaged by heat, effectively nourishes the skin, and helps improve the skin quickly.

– Glass mask combined with natural extracts helps accelerate the regeneration of new skin cells, protects and enhances the stability of skin cell connective function, limits wrinkles, wind surfing, old. At the same time, it moisturizes and helps detoxify the skin. Pink lotus extract is an excellent moisturizing ingredient, has the ability to retain water very well, helps increase moisture, makes the skin shiny and wrinkled, and evaluates very quickly. when using.

– After using the pink lotus glass mask, your skin will feel immediately firm, moisturized, and helps firm the skin from the epidermis, helping the skin stay smooth, shiny, and rosy. Hydrates and hydrates the skin. Add nutrients to nourish healthy, vibrant, succulent skin. Helps reduce signs of aging, wrinkles, helps increase skin elasticity, and reduces sagging.

– In addition, the pink lotus glass mask also whitens and improves skin tone from the epidermis, helping the skin become white and rosy. The glass mask fades dark spots, freckles, and brown spots, making the skin even and radiant. Inhibits melamine from deep inside, releasing the formation of brown spots, melasma, and freckles. Provides moisture, prevents dry skin.

3. Black hair shampoo is a shampoo that combines natural and chemical extracts to help black hair from the first time you wash it. The redox chemical reaction that occurs helps absorb black color into the hair faster, causing gray hair to quickly be “dyed” black. Black hair shampoo is safe for the scalp and user’s health.

Not only that, hair blackening shampoo saves time (only 20-30 minutes of washing hair), is low cost (cheaper than hair dye), non-toxic, and easy to use because the usage method is the same. No different from regular shampoo.


– Black hair shampoo does not permanently darken hair. When your hair loses color, you can wash it again and it’s still safe for your skin.

– For dyed hair, the shampoo will be effective the first time you wash it. For hair that has never been dyed, the shampoo will color up after the 2nd-3rd wash.

– You should wear gloves every time you use hair-blacking shampoo to avoid blackening your nails because the structure of hair and nails is the same.

4. Brown hair shampoo is a shampoo that combines natural and chemical extracts to help brown hair from the first time you wash it. The product is based on redox reactions, combined with specialized hair dyes, and is supplemented with natural extracts that nourish the scalp and hair fibers, limiting hair damage after washing. , helps reduce hair loss and dullness.

+ Skin Cooling System: Protects hair and scalp from heat damage (from hair dryers, styling, sunlight…)

+ Manuka Honey Extract, Jeju Aloe Vera Water: Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, soothing, replenishing nutrients and vitamins to help keep hair strong, soft and smooth, protecting hair and scalp from the harmful effects of free radicals.

+Black Ginseng Extract: Contains a lot of ginsenoside Rg3, which stimulates hair follicle growth and limits hair loss.

Not only that, hair browning shampoo saves time (only 20-30 minutes of washing your hair), is low cost (cheaper than hair dye), non-toxic, and easy to use because the usage method is the same. No different from regular shampoo.


– Browning shampoos do not permanently brown hair. When your hair loses color, you can wash it again and it’s still safe for your skin.

– For added hair, the conditioner will be effective at the first wash. For hair that has not been washed enough, the conditioner will color at the 2-3rd fragrance.

– You should wear gloves every time you use conditioner for brown hair to avoid blackening your nails because the structure of hair and nails is the same.

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