Mandelic acid
Mandelic acid
1kg-5kg-10kg-20kg/ pack
– Is the active acid found in bitter almonds
– Mandelic acid is soluble in both oil and water.
– Belongs to the AHA group but has the largest size, helping to penetrate the skin more slowly, but in return does not cause skin irritation. Therefore, it is suitable for all skin, including sensitive skin.
– White crystal, soluble in water and polar organic solvents.
Exfoliate: After application, it penetrates and thins the old horny layer on the skin’s surface, causing them to fall off. At the same time, new skin cells form, resulting in youthful, radiant skin. Exfoliates dead cells, helping the skin absorb other nutrients better.
– Anti-inflammatory, reduces acne: Has anti-inflammatory properties, helps reduce skin inflammation caused by acne. At the same time, it promotes the recovery of damaged skin cells, increasing recovery ability. In particular, this active ingredient is suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin. Besides, Mandelic acid has a large molecular size so it causes little irritation and damage to the skin. In addition, it also helps clear pores, reduce the accumulation of dirt, dead cells and oil, preventing prevent acne from forming.
– Anti-aging, anti-oxidant: Promotes the formation of young skin cells after removing dead skin. At the same time, it also activates collagen production, prevents wrinkles, and gives firm, smooth skin. Therefore, it helps prevent and slow down the aging process.
– Skin whitening: Inhibits Tyrosinase activity, helps whiten skin and evens skin tone.
Cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

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